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A more relaxing day today – decided to stop in the small village of Itero de la Vega at 12 noon after 20 kilometres walking – it has been a glorious day- the mornings walk not too hot with beautiful clear blue skies – the landscape is wide with soft
A long 28 kilometres walked today. I am now on the Meseta – the large and expansive plains of Central Spain. I left Itero around 6.30 am and arrived in Boadilla de Camino just after 8 am where I had breakfast and my morning boost of caffeine with a very
l had a lazy start to the day – started walking at 8 am as I only planned to walk 22 kilometres to my bed for the night – the temperature was already a warm 22 degrees as I left Villalcazar for Carrion de le Condes a distance of around
After the heat of yesterday, I had decided to start early, so after a good night’s sleep, I was underway by 6.00 am. It was still dark and a crescent moon hung low in the sky. It was cool enough to wear my fleece jacket. I walked at a good
Started early again this morning just before 6.00 am knowing that it was going to be another hot day. It was dark when I started walking. It was a gentle climb out of the town – a climb that was to continue for much of the next 20 kilometres. It