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Day 25 Villafranca del Bierzo

Posted by admin1215 on  June 2, 2017

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I left before sunrise and made my way down the mountain tracks to Molinaseca with a romanesque bridge where I stopped for breakfast. The next section to  Ponferrada is semi urban. Ponferrada with its 12th century castle built by the Knights Templar is the last major city before Santiago. From Ponferrada I am walking through the beautiful wine growing region of Bierzo before reaching my destination of Villafranca not realising that I had walked 40

Day 24 El Acebo

Posted by admin1215 on  May 31, 2017

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It was raining when I left this morning and the rain continued for 2 hours until I reached Rabanel del Camino where I had breakfast. I knew this was going to be a special day – leaving the plains of the Meseta and approaching the mountains of Leon where I would reach the highest point on the camino. The climb began as I approached the small village of Foncebadon  and as I climbed steadily Monte

Day 23 Santa Catalina de Somoza

Posted by admin1215 on  May 30, 2017

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I left the albergue a little later than I intended- starting just after 7 am – my first destination was ťhe city of Astorga – a 15 kilometre walk on a path running parallel to the main road. Ì reached Astorga around 10 am and enjoyed a breakfast of a cheese filled croìssant, orange juice and coffee. Astoga Cathedral was closed so I was unable to see the Cathedral from inside. Shortly after leaving Astorga

Day 22 Hospital de Orbigo

Posted by admin1215 on  May 28, 2017

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Left Leon early around 6.00 am before sunrise most of the first two hours was walking through the city environs before reaching the suburb town of Virgin del Camino. From there the path mainly followed the line of the road taking me through several villages where refreshments were available. It was hot and humid so frequent rest stops were taken. It was a long day 35 kilometres which including rest stops took around 9 hours

Days 20 and 21 Leon

Posted by admin1215 on  May 26, 2017

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Yesterday was my 20th day of consecutive walking and I started a little later at around 7.00 am knowing that I had around 25 kilometres to walk to reach the city of Leon. The forcast was for another warm day. The sun was rising as I left Reliegos but there was no cuckoo today to greet the day. This was my final day on the Meseta and the path continued as before running close to

Day 19 Reliegos

Posted by admin1215 on  May 24, 2017

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Started early again this morning just before 6.00 am knowing that it was going to be another hot day. It was dark when I started walking. It was a gentle climb out of the town – a climb that was to continue for much of the next 20 kilometres. It was a modest incline but gravity still plays it part and my pace was less than yesterday and the 10 kg on your back seems

Day 18 Sahagun

Posted by admin1215 on  May 23, 2017

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After the heat of yesterday I had decided to start early, so after a good night’s sleep I was underway by 6.00 am. It was still dark and a crescent moon hung low in the sky. It was cool enough to wear my fleece jacket. I walked at a good pace covering 5 kilometres in the first hour and just after sunrise I stopped for breakfast in the small village of Ledigos. I continued at

Day 17 Calzadilla de la Cueza

Posted by admin1215 on  May 23, 2017

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l had a lazy start to the day – started walking at 8 am as I only planned to walk 22 kilometres to my bed for the night – the temperature was already a warm 22 degrees as I left Villalcazar for Carrion de le Condes a distance of around 5 kilometres. I was still on the Meseta and as yesterday the walk was on paths running parallel to the highway. As I came into

Days 16 Villalcazar de Sirga

Posted by admin1215 on  May 22, 2017

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A long 28 kilometres walked today. I am now on the Meseta – the large and expansive plains of Central Spain . I left Itero around 6.30 am and arrived in Boadilla de Camino just after 8 am where I had breakfast and my morning boost of caffeine with a very good cafe Americano. From Boadilla the path follows the canal del Castilla for 5 kilometres – I seemed to be on my own this

Day 15 – Itero de la Vega

Posted by admin1215 on  May 20, 2017

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A more relaxing day today – decided to stop in the small village of Itero de la Vega at 12 noon after 20 kilometres walking – it has been a glorious day- the mornings walk not to hot with beautiful clear blue skies – the landscape is wide with soft greens. The walk took me past the ruins of a 13th century monastery Santa Maria del Manzana and then on to Castojerez a delightful town