Camino Blog

Started walking around 7.30 am out of Pamplona – very warm and humid and soon the first rain came – thunder and lightning and heavy rain – the first test of rain gear! Lasted about 40 mins. It was a long 6 mile climb out of Pamplona with hot sun
Started walking at 7.30 am after a breakfast of croissants and very good coffee. A lot of steep hills again today with level walks through the soft green countryside – this is the Navarro wine-growing area so lots of grapevines and also olive groves – really beautiful – could easily
A dull start to the day – lots of clouds as I started a long slow climb out of Estella. Sun started to emerge around 10 am – walking past fields of grapevines and olive groves. Another glorious day with 14 miles walked to my destination of Los Arcos a
The weather continues to be good – 25 to 28 degrees at 10 am in the morning. I have been starting walking between 6.30 am and 7.00 am to avoid the hot afternoon temperatures – around 6 to 7 hours walking and an average of 15 miles each day. Feeling
Just a quick update. I  have walked 120 kilometres in the past 4 days so have not had much time to update the blog. The first couple of days were hot and humid – yesterday temperatures dropped from 25 degrees to 7 degrees – first wet day – thunderstorms rained