Day 15 – Itero de la Vega

A more relaxing day today – decided to stop in the small village of Itero de la Vega at 12 noon after 20 kilometres walking – it has been a glorious day- the mornings walk not too hot with beautiful clear blue skies – the landscape is wide with soft greens. The walk took me past the ruins of a 13th-century monastery Santa Maria del Manzana and then on to Castojerez a delightful town with its ruined castle built on a hill above the town. Also visited the wonderful church of Santa Domingo. After Castojerez there was an exhausting climb to a plateau at a height of 1050 metres – the views were extraordinary. Just now relaxing in the warm sunshine in the courtyard of the auberge where I am staying. The first 15 days have taken me through some wonderful landscapes in a journey now of 210 miles – just 40 away from half distance.