Day 18 Sahagun

After the heat of yesterday, I had decided to start early, so after a good night’s sleep, I was underway by 6.00 am. It was still dark and a crescent moon hung low in the sky. It was cool enough to wear my fleece jacket. I walked at a good pace covering 5 kilometres in the first hour and just after sunrise, I stopped for breakfast in the small village of Ledigos. I continued at a good pace before reaching the village of Moratinos with its Bodegas which look like something from the Hobbits but are in fact man-made caves for the storage of food and wine – a tradition that goes back 2000 years. Three kilometres past Moratinos I reach the halfway point in my journey exactly 400 kilometres from my starting point in St.Jean Pied de Port 17 days ago – I took a selfie of myself to celebrate.

A little further on I walked with Bernard from Dublin for a short while – he never stopped talking! and just before I reached Sahaguin I rested for a while where I met Tom from Tipperary who was waiting for his daughter to catch him up. After 24 kilometres I reached Sahagun just after noon with plenty of time to rest and explore before I resume tomorrow.