Day 19 Reliegos

Started early again this morning just before 6.00 am knowing that it was going to be another hot day. It was dark when I started walking. It was a gentle climb out of the town – a climb that was to continue for much of the next 20 kilometres. It was a modest incline but gravity still plays its part and my pace was less than yesterday and the 10 kg on your back seems to get heavier with each kilometre

Sunrise was around 7 am after an hour walking and as it has been for the past few days – it was beautiful and then I hear – ” cuckoo cuckoo cuckoo”  – every morning for the past 5 days I have heard the cuckoo greeting the day – generally I cannot hear bird song – so it is a great blessing for me to hear the cuckoo in the still of sunrise.

Today’s walk was still on the Meseta and followed mainly an old Roman road – they certainly knew how to build straight roads! – it stretched miles into the distance. I passed through two small villages where I rested and took refreshment – temperatures were close to 30 degrees at 10 am and it was another day requiring mental strength to carry on walking.

I arrived at my planned destination at 2 pm – 8 hours and 30 kilometres after starting out.

After a welcome shower and an afternoon of rest, I enjoyed dinner with a Mancunian musician.

Tomorrow will see the last of the Meseta when I arrive in the city of Leon.