Day 28 Sarria

Today’s walk took me through the green countryside of Galicia which reminded me so much of England with foxgloves and cow parsley in the hedgerows of the country lanes – lots more trees and wide views. The only difference being the houses and villages.

I first came to San Cristobo a small village with a large stone house, an ancient weir, and an old mill building. Passing through the small hamlets of Lusio and Renche before reaching Samos with its monastery founded in the 6th century by Saint Martin Dumiense, also known as Martin of Braga. In 922  Benedictine rule was introduced. The current abbey is mostly 17th and 18th-century construction as the original was destroyed by a fire in 1536

From Samos, I passed through small farming communities including Aguiada before reaching the small town of Sarria and my day’s destination.

I was now just 120 kilometres from Santiago.