Days 5 Pamplona to Puenta ĺe Reina

Started walking around 7.30 am out of Pamplona – very warm and humid and soon the first rain came – thunder and lightning and heavy rain – the first test of rain gear! Lasted about 40 mins. It was a long 6 mile climb out of Pamplona with hot sun and temperature of 28 degrees to reach Alto de Perdon where there are pilgrim sculptures and then another thunderstorm with wind and rain which lasted around 30 mins. The descents after the climbs are generally steep with loose rocks or pebbles and require a great deal of care – a few pilgrims have slipped and damaged ankles and knees. After the descent, the Navarro countryside becomes softer with lots of greens. Missed a turning on the path which added a couple of miles to the day – 19 miles walked.