Day 23 Santa Catalina de Somoza

I left the albergue a little later than I intended- starting just after 7 am – my first destination was ťhe city of Astorga – a 15 kilometre walk on a path running parallel to the main road. Ì reached Astorga around 10 am and enjoyed a breakfast of a cheese-filled croìssant, orange juice, and coffee. Astorga Cathedral was closed so I was unable to see the Cathedral from inside.

Shortly after leaving Astorga, I came to the village of Valdeveijas where there is ťhe famous chapel – Ermita Ecce Homo – a communion service had just started – so I joined the congregation of 20 and took communion.

The journey to  Santa Catalina was another 10 kilometres and towards the end, the landscape began to change – more inspirational.

I stayed in one of only two albergues in the village – 5 euros for my bed – dined with a man from Florida who had taken a private room – he told me that it was his third Camino and that he always took a private room never staying in dormitories.